Ever since I leaped out my mother’s lap

There floated questions perennial on my mind

Who Am I? Where Am I?  And such as these

And truly I still seek answers that lie

Beyond the skinny sheathed world.

I roamed the infinite sky and stars and

Wandered in the ideal world and

Swam across all the known oceans to find

No ending to my grief-stricken soul.

I heard the sages speak so bewildering

I listened to the wisdom of my time

Until I heard the wisdom of my own soul

That it is faith that answers all my questions.

As an evening fell, I lit a candle on my messy table

Dusted the torn book of salvation in an unusual hurry

Then I was soared into the delight of an abyss

I took a walk along with Abraham who took me the first lessons

And Moses led me to Sinai to show me the divine Decalogue

The prophets condemned my unbelief; but the tale of Ruth consoled me.

The wavering candle still burnt until I saw the ‘light’ himself

The son of man, the son of God who’s never ending faith

Purchased for me life and sold death by Calvary’s act

And articulated answers for my every question on a piece of wood.

Oh! I have found the wellspring of Nazarene from which

Flows the eternal water for my weary soul and

Never shall I return to the well of Samaria which can

Tempt me forget my soul’s destiny in you my beloved.

As the sun begun to shed its crimson rays over the waves of the river

I stood towards the east, heeding to the distant church bell.


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