End Times 22, Revelation 13:1-10, The Antichrist


End Times 22, Revelation 13:1-10. The Antichrist. Click on the arrow to see the video and text.

I. In the above video we see people who have been left behind from the Rapture. The key figure is the Antichrist, as he is taking control of the world by creating ten global regions of nations that will come under his heavy-handed control (Revelation 13:1). This Left Behind movie, and others, came as a result of the Left Behind series of books that were written under the leadership of Dr. Tim LaHaye, whose credentials can be found in my “About Sources” page. The Left Behind books and movies tell of the upcoming time in our world when those whom are left behind from the rapture of the church have to deal with the persecution of the Antichrist, even more so if they come to saving faith in Christ. The Left Behind movies…

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