Feeling the Rhythm


Earlier this month I shared a “Fletcher Doodle” — a crazy mish-mash of lines and circles going this way and that. It was an ink doodle I worked on while I was waiting for my husband’s appointment with the retinologist — Dr. Fletcher — to be completed. Because of the pandemic, I’m no longer allowed to go into the examination room. In fact, I can’t even go into the office. So, I sit patiently in the hall on the 3rd floor of the Carondelet Medical Building, staring out the window toward the parking lot, or watching the potted plants silently growing. Now and then another patient or a staff member walks by.

Since visits to the retinologist sometimes do take a little time, I’ve made it a habit to take a sketch book along. I used to work on colored pencil drawings or graphite landscape drawings, but lately I’ve…

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