Diego Maradona – reluctantly, we worshipped

Game of the people

IF THERE is was one thing remarkable about Diego Maradona, it was the achievement of living to his 60th birthday. Sadly, he barely got beyond that landmark. There was something very inevitable about his premature demise, his lifestyle catching up on him to consign him to legend status. On November 25, 2020, football, Argentina and the Maradona family lost a remarkable and Intriguing character.

When the excellent Asif Kapadia film about Maradona was released, it reminded us that here was an imperfect genius with many guises: brilliant footballer, good-time Charlie, a defiant product of the slums, and to some extent, a victim. In terms of natural talent, he probably had few equals. Pelé, perhaps, comes close, but other greats such as Cruyff, Beckenbauer and George Best do not match Maradona for raw, animal ability.

It’s was never easy to like Maradona, but during that film, you sat open-mouthed at the…

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