Fool or hero? Maradona movie shows why he was like no other


ANYONE who watched the World Cup 1986 “hand of God” incident will have preconceived views about Diego Armando Maradona. In the space of six minutes in Mexico City, the game against England displayed everything that was good and bad about him. If VAR was in use in 1986, Maradona would have been sent off and Argentina would surely not have beaten England. History would have been so different.

Asif Kapadia’s excellent film, Diego Maradona,  portrays the Argentinian icon in all his guises, as brilliant footballer, as good-time Charlie, as defiant product of the slums, and perhaps most surprisingly, as victim. In terms of natural talent, Maradona probably had no equals. Pelé, perhaps, comes close, but other greats such as Cruyff, Beckenbauer and George Best do not match Maradona for raw, animal ability.

It’s not easy to like Maradona, but you cannot help but sit open-mouthed at the impact he…

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