St. Catherine of Alexandria: Patron of Apologists

The Catholic of Honor

Today on November 25 is the feast of St. Catherine of Alexandria, patron of students, unmarried girls, apologists. I fall into two of those categories so I thought this was important to mention. St. Catherine was born in 287 in Alexandria, Egypt. According to our tradition, she was of noble birth, possibly a princess. As a member of the nobility, she was also educated and was very intelligent. Around the age of fourteen, she saw a vision of our Lady and the child Jesus, and she decided to become a Christian. It was around that time when Maxentius became emperor and started persecuting the Christians. Saints being what they are, Catherine visited the emperor and denounced him for his cruelty. Maxentius thought the best way to stop this, probably because he did not wish to kill the princess of Alexandria, was to send fifty of his best orators and philosophers…

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