Christian Martyrdom in our Times

Catholicism Pure & Simple

Have you heard of Blessed Miguel Pro? He chanted “Long Live Christ the King!” as he gave his life to Christ! Listen below to this amazing conversation about Christian martyrs. Are you prepared for the possibility of dying for Christ? Did you know that there are more Christians being martyred for their Faith today than in the first centuries of implacable persecution of Holy Christendom? There are many Christians around the world who are suffering daily martyrdom for heroically refusing to renounce their Faith. Torture, imprisonments, exile etc, are ongoing atrocities that the uninterested MSM in the West turns a blind eye to and a deaf ear. A Nigerian bishop has said “Our land is now a pool of blood,” as reportedhere.

Blessed Miguel Pro died a martyr proclaiming: “Long live Christ the King!”

Listen here to more on the audio from Relevant Radio starting at the 23:18…

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