OPEN LETTER TO BARACK OBAMA ON HIS AUTOBIOGRAPHY “A PROMISED LAND” Part 5 Obama was asked at a 2008 California fundraising event why he thought working-class Pennsylvania voters opted for Republicans. His response included the words “they cling to guns or religion”

The Daily Hatch

November 26, 2020

Office of Barack and Michelle Obama
P.O. Box 91000
Washington, DC 20066

Dear President Obama,

I wrote you over 700 letters while you were President and I mailed them to the White House and also published them on my bloghttp://www.thedailyhatch.org.I received several letters back from your staff and I wanted to thank you for those letters.

I have been reading your autobiography A PROMISED LAND and I have been enjoying it.

As an evangelical believer I am encouraged by your references to spiritual hymns, but your intellectual views seem to place you in the secular humanist school of thought.

Five faith facts about former President Barack Obama’s new book, ‘A Promised Land’

Former President Barack Obama’s new book, “A Promised Land,” mentions only four pages in its index under the category “faith and.”

But the title of the book by the 44th…

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