Help me get the Masala done, please!


Every culture follows and loves its own unique cuisine.

And I Love Mine.

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Exotic Spices: Image: Courtesy of Shantanu Pal

As exotic as it is, the process of Indian Cooking is elaborate as most of the recipes involve fresh blending of spices and so many other ingredients.

My mixer does a good job of grinding and blending the Masala for seasoning. Everyday!

But, in order to get it done I must push the ON button. I think of it as a way of politely requesting the machine, ‘Dear Mixer, I need your help. Would you please get the masala done for me’?

And it obliges.

Then there are times it refuses to start, and I know I need to investigate what is wrong. Once it gets fixed, it begins to work all over again.

It’s a process I must repeat…

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