Healthy Aging

Theology of a Newfoundland Housewife

Do you agree that a healthy old person is qualified to give healthy aging tips ?

Our attitude towards aging is significant. Do we embrace, or fear aging ?

Josh Shipp, in his writing, reminds us all that we have a choice of becoming better or bitter. We need to choose whether we will allow the ‘gift of years’ to make us better people who share joy with others, or whether we will become bitter, through focusing on the inevitable changes and losses that we all experience on our earthly pilgrimage.

There is only one letter change between ‘better’ and ‘bitter’, but it brings such a difference in meaning.

I begin each morning with thanksgiving that I have been given another day to grow closer to the Lord.

Then I anticipate the blessings that the day is sure to bring.

God delights in giving us good gifts.

Here, the sounds…

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