There’s going to be ‘Me-Time’ on my to-do list this weekend, how about you?


Most of my weekdays and weekends are packed with routine.

An Inspiring Devotional Featuring a Bible Verse, Thought and Prayer

Decorating the Christmas Tree: Photo Courtesy Sean Tahan

Work, family, cooking, church, prayer, and the drill goes on, relentlessly, like clockwork. 

Finding dedicated leisure time gets especially challenging when your focus is on things you feel are more important than taking time out for some fun.

Weeks can pass by without me creating time for something outside the usual regime.

‘Come and have breakfast’

I just love to read and meditate on those words of Jesus, in John chapter 21.

This is the narrative after His resurrection where Jesus appears to His disciples.

This was soon after they had an unsuccessful day at work, laboured hard but caught no fish.

Jesus presents a new strategy and when they follow His instruction, they see tremendous success.

As you read further, you…

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