There’s a Builder in the Room


He is one of the best artisans of them all but not everyone has seen His works.

An Inspiring Devotional Featuring a Bible Verse Thought and Prayer.

Photo by: Andrea Piacquadio

Give Him a chance and He will show you that He can build the most Incredible forms, even out of scratch.

Ask Him and He may decline your request at first, but take no offense, He may be building your humility.

If you consider His advice, consider yourself a winner.

Follow His directions, your job is done.

You raise a doubt about Him, He is out of the room, you lost Him.

So what’s the Game Plan?

Tune yourself to take in His suggestions. It may not always make sense to your natural senses.

Take no offence when he says NO. Ask No questions. Raise No doubts. Don’t sulk. Don’t stop the celebration. Don’t freak out when the resources…

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