Awake O Sleeper

Breath of God

Advents blessings to all of you!

Our family has just moved to a home in a rural area, which has brought an experience I would like to share with you.

Our first morning’s awakening was a very early 4:00 AM, due to an alarm set by nature. A crowing rooster just next door to us.

Not having owned chickens before or having lived close to them, I was unaware of the fact that roosters crow long before daylight .

In fact they can be quite boisterous in the darkest hour just before dawn.

The second morning of awakening to this , I began to sense The Holy Spirit was speaking through our crowing friend :

Wake up, time to pray . Greet this new day with great rejoicing ! The dawn is near.

This was on the first Sunday of Advent, and I was in awe to hear this…

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