Advent: Reminder of possibilities

The Bereans' Commentary with Shaunta D. Scroggins, Ed.D.

The autumn season is my favorite of the year for the weather change because the southern United States gets hot. There is a freshness I feel that re-energizes me. When we “fall back” in time and I get to reunite with my one hour, I am giddy. I wait for the first cold front to wear boots and a turtleneck sweater. Oh, and when the season changes there is egg nog on the shelves at Braum’s.

Then comes December, the time of year when generally speaking, the world believes. Person of faith or not, believer in Christmas or not, the holidays tend to bring out the best in most people. There is a belief in miracles and an awareness of the plights of others that seems lacking throughout the rest of the year. It is a time of hope, where people believe in the wonder of possibilities.

Advent candles.

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