Unraveling The Mysteries Behind Women

Banter Republic

I want to expressly say that the headline may have been a bit misleading, no two women are the same, but they all suffer a varying degree of indecisiveness, which if unchecked, can cause them to spiral out of control. Here’s what you really need to know.

When she says yes, she actually means no, and when she says no she means yes. Do you copy? For example, if she says, “leave me alone” go away! do exactly that. Don’t allow her to draw you into her confusion. If possible, stay a good 100-meter radius away from her like it’s a restraining order.

Don’t hype her pictures, they hate that. If she posts fire selfies, please for the love of all thing’s bright and beautiful, ignore. Even if there’s an overwhelming urge to send love emoticons, resist and throw the phone away. If she asks, don’t tell her she’s cute…

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