Gaza Poems


By Micheal R Burch

Such Tenderness

for the mothers of Gaza

There was, in your touch, such tenderness — as

only the dove on her mildest day has,

when she shelters downed fledglings beneath a warm wing

and coos to them softly, unable to sing.


What songs long forgotten occur to you now—

a babe at each breast? What terrible vow

ripped from your throat like the thunder that day

can never hold severing lightnings at bay?


Time taught you tenderness—time, oh, and love.

But love in the end is seldom enough …

and time?—insufficient to life’s brief task.

I can only admire, unable to ask—


what is the source, whence comes the desire

of a woman to love as no God may require?


I Pray Tonight

for the mothers and children of Gaza

I pray tonight

the starry light


surround you.


I pray

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