The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! (Christmas 2020 Update)

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! (Christmas 2020 Update) 

There are few times in the year that compare with the Christmas season. It is a time of joy and wonder for people of all ages and generations! But the season is nothing compared to the mystery and the reality of Christmas. There are three events that define Christianity – the Birth of Jesus, the Cross of Jesus, and the Resurrection of Jesus. Each of these is unique to Christianity. No other religion claims their founder died to pay for their sins and then rose from the dead as proof of this payment. No other religion has such a great and risen Savior! 

But why is the celebration of His birth so special? It is because the Cross and the Empty Tomb would be meaningless without the Incarnation of Jesus. Christmas is not about trees and lights and presents. It…

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