How to Describe Flavours in Latin?

Foundation Operation X for languages, cultures and perspectives

Written by Dyami Millarson

Ever wondered how to express flavours in Classical Latin? If you wish to describe your culinary experiences in Latin, it is definitely relevant to wonder about this.

Food is timeless; a lot has changed in this world since ancient times, but we still need to eat and drink like our ancestors, so it is definitely interesting to think about describing flavours and tastes in ancient languages like Latin.

In this light, I believe that talking about food flavours is essential to the revival of Latin. Talking about food flavours connects us with the Latin speakers and writers of yore.

Here are some adjectives used to describe flavours and tastes in Latin:

  • Bonus, good.
  • Malus, bad.
  • Suāvis, sweet, delicious.
  • Dulcis, sweet.
  • Ācer, bitter, sour.
  • Acerbus, bitter, sour.
  • Melliculus, honeysweet.
  • Dēliciōsus, delicious

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