The Poetry of Untold

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My eyes always watered at this very thought,

But I was determined this time, and left.

But, dear!

I wished to see you for the last time,

And like my many other wishes,

It wasn’t fulfilled.

Turning the doorknob,

Your face came to my mind,

With its usual careless smile.

But, dear!

The things I decided will snatch your smile,

And there’s no way to undo what’s done.

You’ll come to my house with a feeling that you’ll be forgiven,

‘Cause you’ll think erroneously that you know me the best

And will merely expect a trifle argument

Which will be settled with an easy move.

But, dear!

This time, you’ll get nothing you expect,

‘Cause you’ll find yourself in my house

Without me.

And you’ll be looking for me,

Here and there, repenting for being so late –

But, dear!

Repentance is meant for those who never felt the need…

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