Freddie Mercury online – Dedicated to Freddie Mercury

The recording was filmed in 1977 when Queen played Inglewood, California just three days before Christmas and gave an impromptu performance of the holiday classic ‘White Christmas’. Freddie Mercury singing an emotional cover of ‘White Christmas‘ is everything we didn’t know we needed this festive season. The special recording from 1977 captures the atmospheric audio of Queen‘s Freddie and Brian May performing an acoustic version of the festive classic to the audience in Inglewood, California. Taking to the stage Freddie addressed the crowd and confided that they hadn’t really rehearsed their next song as a band. We’ve come up with something in the dressing room, we’ve never ever done it before,” Freddie can be heard saying to the excited crowd on the audio. “As it’s Christmas we’re going to try something new tonight…and we really need your help. Please sing along, don’t be shy!” here is the video link read more here

Freddie Mercury online – Dedicated to Freddie Mercury

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