The Christmas Tag – Olivia Lucie Blake

When searching for Blogmas post inspiration I stumbled across Laurenyloves, and a few years ago she posted the Christmas tag. I had never heard of it before so thought it would make a great addition to my blogmas posts as its all about Christmas (duh). The Christmas tag works like any other blogging tag, you answer pre-set questions and share the answers with your followers/readers. Once you have read the responses, if you feel lead then please do this yourself too! I wont be tagging anyone as I think it will be quite short notice to get it done before the holiday season is over. But if you want to do it, then please do! Just tag Lauren as thats where I got the post questions from. Lets get started! WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE HOLIDAY MOVIE? It has to be home alone, nothing beats home alone. It’s such a classic film and really puts me in the Christmas spirit. A close second is Elf, I really love that movie too, its so funny. DO YOU OPEN CHRISTMAS PRESENTS ON CHRISTMAS EVE OR CHRISTMAS MORNING? Neither! We open our gifts after we have been to church and after we have eaten our Christmas dinner. Of course as a child it was way more earlier than that, but as I have gotten older its got later and later! DO YOU HAVE A FAVOURITE HOLIDAY MEMORY? My favourite Christmas memory was probably when we used to go to my aunties house on Christmas Eve. She would have treats for us to open the night before and I remember going in my pyjamas. We only did it for a few years but it was something I really enjoyed doing. WHATS YOUR FAVOURITE FESTIVE FOOD? Probably stuffing! Although I don’t eat meat stuffing anymore, my mom makes a mean vegetarian stuffing! We only ever have it on special occasions like Christmas or Easter. Which is why its even more special. FAVOURITE CHRISTMAS GIFT? As a child all I wanted was a laptop, in the whole world thats all I wanted. One year my parents got me my very own, it was a toy laptop but it made no difference to me because I could type and click and play games on it. I remember being so excited about it. We have it on film somewhere of me opening it. I bet my parents were so excited to give it to me! FAVOURITE CHRISTMAS SCENT? Anything cinnamon! I love the smell of cinnamon, it really reminds me of my time in the states. If America had a smell it would be cinnamon haha! I have really been loving wax melts this year! One of my favourite brands Aml Aroma’s have released their Holiday scents and they are just to die for. I would recommend if you’re looking for some good scents this holidays season. They make such great gifts and I can’t wait to share these beautiful scents with my friends and family this year. {GIFTED} DO YOU HAVE ANY CHRISTMAS EVE TRADITIONS? Every Christmas Eve we go food shopping to get the last minute things. At our local super market they have a band playing Christmas music and it makes me feel so festive and happy. Once thats done, in the evening we set the table too. Thats something we always do the night before! WHAT TOPS YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE?

The Christmas Tag – Olivia Lucie Blake

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