What Clay Hopes For – Christmas 2020

Pacific Pastor

Preached over Zoom from Fort St John British Columbia because public worship had been suspended by the secular authorities Dec. 24, 2020.

A very Merry Christmas to you! And let us not forget what we are celebrating-

What is it to be human? God says let us make man in our own image, and so he makes a man and a women who he wants to be like him. And so we are dust that wants to be like God, that should want to be like God. We cannot do so by moving apart from him, apart from his way, we cannot do so at all. Temptation plays on this desire for intimacy with God and turns our hearts and our bodies and our attentions into all kinds of twisted knots trying to get satisfaction anywhere but through the one who satisfies, the potter who is at work shaping this…

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