The Great Blogmas Collab 🎄/ #Blogmas Day 25 🎄🎉

What are you up to during the lockdown??

Heyy everyone! I hope you’re doing well and guess what?!

The countdown has finally ended! It’s Christmas!

Merry Christmas!! 🎄🎉

Also, since it’s Christmas, here’s the most awaited:

“The Great Blogmas Collab!” 🎉

‘The Great Blogmas Collab’ is the last post of Blogmas 2020! This is the first time I’m doing this and I want to thank all the bloggers who participated and made this idea a success! This winter (or summer depending on where you live), we’ve had a total of 10 participants!!

Without any furthur ado, let’s start with ‘The Great Blogmas Collab’ that is a compilation of the answers of all the participating bloggers of the following 5 questions!

The Questions:

1. What does Christmas mean to you?

2. Why did you decide to do Blogmas on your blog?

3. All you want for Christmas is…?

4. What are your Christmas Traditions?

5. What are your favourite…

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