For the Going Well: A Child’s Primer on Obeying Parents [1]

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This series of blog posts will be subsequent chapters and section of a book titled, For the Going Well. These will be rough versions (i.e. not a final draft), but the substance of the book will be faithfully communicated. We want this piece to be accessible for children from ages 8-17.


This book is about obedience. Though it may be a topic you are less than thrilled to learn about, obedience is worthwhile. In fact, it is necessary. In this book, we will answer many questions, including the following:

  • Whyshould children obey their parents?
  • What happenswhen children obey their parents?
  • What happens when childrendon’tobey their parents?
  • What does obedience look like?

Another thing you should know about this book is that we will talk about obedience quickly. I don’t want to waste your time, if it can be helped. I would much rather…

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