Go Big By Starting Small

Composing Catholic

It’s the season for resolutions as many of us take the opportunity to round into the new year by establishing goals for ourselves, creating new targets and working toward personal improvement.I read an article inInc.magazine recently which noted that over 80% of us who make such resolutions ultimately fail.According to the author, the reasons include the facts that our resolutions tend to be too non-specific and/or we set goals that are far too lofty.

According to Stanford University behavioral scientist, BJ Fogg, the best way to effect such change is to “go small”, that is to convert bigger goals into smaller habits and to work to incorporate those habits into our daily routines.Fogg describes this inTiny Habits: The Small Changes that Change Everything.The general idea is that you make the task so small that it’s almost impossible not to do it.Then, once it’s part of your…

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