Three Twisted Trees — A Study in Symbolism


Maybe one of the reasons I’m so in love with tonalist art is that almost all of the landscape paintings predominately feature trees. Of course, trees are a truly large part of nature — not only in size but in symbolism. Trees represent many things: growth, strength, perseverance, and immortality. Many cultures feature trees as part of their mythology, such as the Biblical “Tree of Life” or the Norse “Yggsdrasil”, the World Tree.

For those with an interest in folklore, you might find this site interesting:

Forest and Tree Symbolism in Folklore

The painting I’m sharing today is the 15th in my series of 31 little landscapes. It was inspired by “The Sentinels” by Charles Warren Eaton. As usual, I took my interpretation of his painting in a slightly different direction — lighter skies, trees that are a bit twisted rather than straight, and a more defined foreground area.


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