Fasting and Praying for America!

Blazing Bibles

Prayer and Fasting!

Never in our Nations history have we ever been in such trouble. If this joke of an election is allowed to stand, the next four years will erase everything that our Nation was founded upon and we will come to ruin. The silent and fragmented church has been no help. Half of our Nations Christianity is living ungodly while professing: “Once saved always saved”; and the other half has become super-spiritual where everything they think, say and want is: “thus saith God”. America is in dire straits! We are going down like the Titanic, and there is nothing that can stop it! Nothing that is; except for an intervention of God Almighty. It is very farfetched to think that God would have any desire to help us, when it is His righteous judgements that are coming. It is almost like we don’t have a chance in the…

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