Time of Letting Go. Time of Letting God. Time of Welcoming


December 31, 2020 – 7th Day in the Octave of Christmasand the Last Day of the Year

Click here for the readings (https://bible.usccb.org/bible/readings/123120.cfm)

We have reached the last day of the year of 2020. We have been through a lot this year. There are too many to mention them. Not just to few of us but to most of us living on this planet. 2020 has given us many blows of fear and anxiety. In addition, our personal struggles with our families, with our work, studies and other aspects of our life are also there. And perhaps, they are still with us until this last day of the year.

One can just imagine the overwhelming trials that brought life-changing moments into our life. Yet, despite all those things that bombarded us personally and as a community, there are still so much to be grateful for. This…

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