Abortion in Argentina: A Crime Committed by Francis’ Friends

Catholicism Pure & Simple

Comment: It is truly “sad” that on the 7th Day in the Octave of Christmas, and Commemoration of the outstanding Pope, Saint Sylvester I (whose reign saw the end of the Roman persecutions and the blossoming of the Church; who also convened the First Council of Nicaea, which quashed the Arian heresy) we have a Pope who ignores the legalizing of murder of the unborn in his home country WITHOUT UTTERING A WORD OF CONDEMNATION.

from Gloria.tv

It is “very sad” that with an Argentinean Pope the Argentinean parliament passed an unconstitutional, anti-human and anti-Christian law, the Argentine Curia Archbishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo told LaNacion.com.ar.

On December 30, Argentina introduced on of the most inhuman abortion laws worldwide, which “allows” to kill children until the ninth month of pregnancy.

Sánchez – a minor figure in the Roman Curia – was the only one to speak out at the Vatican…

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