Seeds of Faith

If there was ever a year I was ready to turn the page on, it was 2020. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. COVID-19 knocked us off our feet early on, and we’re still in the grip of it. Within weeks or even days, we had to adapt and rethink the way we do just about everything, from greeting each other to studying to working to celebrating our faith.

As humans tend to do, we got the hang of all that. What was harder to deal with were the many losses – of our loved ones, our communities, our routines, our comforts. Amazingly, we found ways to gather, shop, share stories, worship together and support each other as best we could.

We all have our stories about 2020. Not all of them are unhappy ones, thankfully. We’ll be unpacking them for years. But for now, for this moment…

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