2021 in the light of the Fatima Message and Right Reason

Catholicism Pure & Simple

The following is the text from a video lecture by Professor De Mattei from the Lepanto Foundation […] 2021, in the Light of Our Lady of Fatima: “Light of Fatima, Light without shadows, Immaculate Light, Light of the Dawn arising: we ask Thee to illuminate our steps in the darkness of the night.”

The Message of Fatima

What really happened in 2020, the dramatic year which has just come to an end? And what awaits us in 2021? What are the prospects for our times?

The panorama we have before us is hazy, difficult to survey, but I’ll try to do it from the stance of the highest principles and greatest certainties, in the light of which, the history of the world must be judged

Among these great certainties there is one more than any other that can help us find our way in the present and future:…

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