A Biblical Defense of the Divinity of Christ

The Catholic of Honor

A few sects, such as Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christadelphians, and Thomas Jefferson deny the divinity of Christ. Beliefs concerning Who He is, if not God, differ a fair deal. Some say He is an incarnate angel akin to Gandalf, others an exulted human being like Anakin Skywalker (sans the Darth Vader element), and still others a great moral teacher like Socrates. I cannot think of any characters to which I might liken the Nicene understanding of Jesus. Probably this is because God becoming man is unique to Nicene Christianity.

Christadelphians and Unitarians, please ignore the fact that I just compared your understanding of Jesus to Darth Vader. They may have slightly extremely different moral codes (and one is certainly more mentally stable than the other), but they are both Chosen Ones who were born of virgins.

My goal is to show His divinity, the doctrine which is central to…

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