Quest – Jett Villarin, SJ

One Lost Sheep

Matthew 2:1-12; Solemnity of the Epiphany

If you’ve played Star Wars: Squadrons, a space combat game, you might wonder about navigation in the Star Wars universe. GPS will not work. You can waze your way only if your destination is here on earth. If you’re going to some galaxy far, far away, you will need to follow the stars.

On a deeper level, we do still follow stars here on earth. We allow these lights to guide our actions, shape our thoughts and feelings, and affect the heading of our lives. These lights can be people, ideas or teachings, images and icons, or even objects of desire.

Some of these stars are pretty and bright but fake. And willingly or blindly, we follow them because, well, they are reachable, we feel good and secure, and they reinforce what we want to believe. Other lights feed on our inordinate fixation with…

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