Goodness & Mercy Follow Us

Your Last Day On Earth

Aloha beloved ~

The Lord has graced a dream to share with you. May our God of Glory bring you comfort and revelation.

Dream : On a mountain with lots of people, the ground began to crumble. But only where I stood. No one attempted to help me. Everyone watched as my part of the mountain collapsed. I began falling.. and falling.. As I fell, I was not afraid. Hands pressed togetherin prayer. My soul was kept in peace with our Jesus. So much faith. I was about to touch the ground on the most gorgeous and glorious pasture. God’s grace held me and put me down so gently. As if I was a feather being placed softly into the grass. Dwelling in His Presence was overwhelming.. I got up and walked, so deeply with the Holy Spirit.. Splendid beauty all around.. Quiet waters.. Perfect love in spirit.. I knew…

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