The Son of God- “BORN to DIE”!

Blazing Bibles

When we begin to contemplate the life of Christ, we see a man on a mission! Right from the beginning He went about doing good, and showing humanity the love of their heavenly Father. What a guy, right? Healing the sick, feeding the hungry and on and on it goes. We can’t help but notice His severe indignation toward all of the hypocrites, revealing them for what they truly were; vipers, snakes, wolves in sheep’s clothing. If He were alive today, He would be referring to the media and liberal left with the hypocrite pronouncement because of their sinister schemes! Jesus did the impossible and was truly the Son of God; But his greatest achievement was dying for the sins of the world! He gave His life to save ours! If we are to truly become followers of Christ, we too are going to have to die; Die to the…

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