The Hypocrisy of MeToo and Modern Sex Culture

Clarifying Catholicism

Overcoming Temptation - How to Resist and Grow Stronger

By Samuel D. Samson, University of Texas at Austin

The following article does not necessarily represent the opinions and views of all Clarifying Catholicism. We welcome comments, criticism, and responses submitted in our comments section below or in our Contact Us page.

Since its incipience during the rise of President Trump, and its growth through demonstrations such as the Women’s March, the “#MeToo movement” has brought sexual assault to the forefront of modern politics. This rise in sexual assault sensitivity has been paralleled by a rise in sexual assault allegations, with U.S. Newsrecording a near doubling of such reports between 2016 and 2017, while public and private institutions have put in place new measures to try and combat sexual assault in their workplaces.

Yet for all of the understandable uproar over sexual assault, and despite both increased awareness and an incessant touting of the subject by the…

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