Road To Tribulation 2 – The Rapture Described


The Rapture and the Return of Jesus

I. Introduction to this this article’s video speaker. Dr. Mark Hitchcock. Jun 25, 2014. 100huntley.

A. In the opening video, Dr. Mark Hitchcock talks a little about the end of the tribulation period. He distinguishes the difference between the rapture and the second coming of Christ. In our previous article, we discussed the conditions of the Tribulation. In this article we will discuss the Rapture, as to when it will happen, how it will happen, and those will be caught up in the rapture. Credentials for Dr. Hitchcock, can be found in the following paragraph.

B. “The one biblical truth that has affected my Christian life more than any other is the rapture of the church—the belief that Jesus could come at any moment to take His people away to be with Him. It deeply affects how I view my life, this world…

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