Understanding The Bible Covenant

Varsity Experience

understanding the Bible covenantEvery written statement in the scripture is an oath (Josh.1:8, JMS.1:25). And we serve a covenant-keeping God (Is.14:24). Don’t question God. Question yourself.

What Is A Covenant?

A covenant is an agreement between two or more parties bound by terms. The terms are determined by parties involves.

What Is The Bible Covenant?

The Bible Covenant is an oath between divinity and humanity (God and man) bound by some conditions only determined by God.
In the Bible Covenant, there are no rooms for negotiations or public opinions. God is the sole determinant of the terms humans are to follow and comply.
I have said times without numbers that the lion is not the greatest animal; the greatest animal is sheep. According to the scripture, the lion will suffer hunger and lack, but those that seek God (the sheep) will not lack anything good.
The Bible Covenant is a deal between a…

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