“L’amour Est Bleu”


My command of the French language is tenuous at best — there’s a reason behind it, but I won’t go into that story right now. I’ll readily admit to copying the title for this post directly from YouTube. Here’s the song that’s playing in my mind right now:

This was a number one song back in 1968. I didn’t know much about the song, but here’s what I learned from the YouTube video:

“L’amour Est Bleu” (“Love Is Blue”) is a song originally composed by Andre Popp with lyrics written by Pierre Cour in 1967. English lyrics were later written by Brian Blackburn. Greek singer Vicky Leandros first performed the song as the Luxembourg entry in the 1967 Eurovision Song Contest. The song has since been recorded by many many musicians. Most notably, in late 1967 Paul Mauriat recorded an instrumental version which became the only Number One hit by…

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