Persecution of Traditional Catholics will accelerate

Catholicism Pure & Simple

Iconclast Persecution of the Catholic Church

It is a fact: the trend toward an outright persecution of traditional Catholics – those who live faithfully by all the teachings and precepts of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church – is not only continuing, but accelerating. Liberal-minded cafeteria ‘c’atholics, together with the hypocrites who profess to be Catholic, i.e., go to Mass regularly, brandish their rosaries, public state the importance of their Catholic Faith to the world, but then pick and choose only the parts of the Church’s doctrines that suit them, willfully disobeying those that don’t suit, and dismissing any ‘uncomfortable’ truth… these false followers of Christ may be overlooked by the agents of Satan when the time comes for the Great Persecution. After all, they are already Satan’s useful minions for having spread scandal, leading numerous souls on the path to Hell, and showing total indifference to having thrown…

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