Road To Tribulation 4 – Prophecy Against Damascus


I. Introduction.

A. Hal Lindsey speaks on the destruction of Damascus, Syria. He also brings into his discussion comments on other prophetic judgments. Another of the judgments that Dr. Lindsey brought into his discussion is the Psalm 83 War, which we will examine in the next “Road To Tribulation” article. Credentials for Hal Lindsey can be found on my Page of theologians for this website. All other sources that are listed in this article can also be checked for credential information on that Page.

B. In this article we will consider information that relates to the past history, as well as to that which points to Now prophecy and to current day situations that exist in the nations and lands that we are discussing. We will also consider some of the sources of information whose writings helped to make the writing of this article possible.

C. NOW Prophecies deal with…

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