Splitting Things Up


I’ve had fun lately with colors and acyrlic pouring. You’ve seen a monochromatic pouring I completed recently, and you’ve looked at the complementary color scheme I used for for Christmas pourings. Now, I’m moving on to slightly split complementaries — and I say slightly because I’m not attempting to match colors exactly to those on the color wheel. My color studies are for fun, so I’m quickly grabbing whatever colors I have and using them rather than spending a lot of time mixing and matching exactly.

What is a split-complementary color scheme? Let’s start first with complements. Complementary colors are those that are opposite one another on a color wheel. Most of us probably learn these basic pairings in grade school. I had a very limited art education, but it did include information on complementaries.

Red – Green

Yellow – Violet

Blue – Orange

Each pairing is composed…

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