How Eternal?

Sui Generis

I brood over the fact,
Eternity to be precise,
If eternity accompanies,
In life and demise.

Death doesn’t wait for any,
Nor the infant in the womb,
How long can eternity stand itself,
In its eternal tomb.

If it exists it always does,
The most precious all around,
Timelessness might be radiating wisdom,
Waiting to be found.

If eternity doesn’t stick to time,
How long has it been there,
Trapped in its perpetuity,
With eternity to bear?

‘Forever’ translates to eternity,
‘Love you forever’ we say,
Is eternity locked in death,
For it comes by anyway.

Eternity could be light years far,
In the endless sky,
It’s likely daunting upon us,
Or a complete lie!

Time hasn’t caused any trouble,
At least hasn’t taken away the glee,
But it certainly is perplexing how eternal,
Eternity can be!

© Shanyu Bihani 2019

~ Today, Sui Generis turns two. I thank you…

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