A Theological warning: church leadership and critical race theory

R-Rated Religion

While the 2021-year journeys forward and it is abundantly clear whose administration will occupy the White House; it is time to reflect on Christian leadership here in America. True Christianity is deep and honest self-reflection rooted in confessional humility. Let us explore Church leadership and examine if American evangelicalism is capable of leading the saints in these gloomy times. Where are the sound biblical leaders in America and what side of the biblical truth are they eulogizing? I intend to assess this question in light of the critical race controversy that has enmeshed this country for the past years and now will most undoubtedly be the lens through which this current administration will wield its power.

We need to first look at the pastoral crisis in America over the last century. It is no surprise that the pastorate is in decline. One out of every ten pastors will actually retire…

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