The Mountains Beckon

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Oh the beauty of the hills and the mountains, and the rivers and streams. God’s creations are majestic. Indeed, they reflect the glory of the LORD. My spirit is refreshed today. The noisy crickets, cool rushing waters, and the fresh air made my day. I am sharing some of the pictures I took while out with my friends to have a moment with nature. Because the scenery made me cheerful, I am inspired to share a poem about it too.

The call of the green meadows,
And the trees in the highlands,
Their soft rustling sound mellows,
A strong magical stillness within me fans!

The crisp splashing of the waters,
And the soft, earthy grains of sand,
Their touch brings tickle of laughters,
A childlike glee and a smile that spans!

The earthy smell of the air that rise,
Wafting the nosetrils of scented dew, Crickets in trees and birds…

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