God Knows Your Suffering – Connect with Skip Heitzig – Week of February 12, 2021

From The Darkness Into The Light

February 12, 2021

God Knows Your Suffering

By Skip Heitzig

Many of us love a good rags-to-riches story, about how a guy or gal works hard and goes from poverty to great wealth. But the story of Job is the exact opposite: he goes from riches to rags. What unnerves us about his story is that he was a good guy, a righteous man, yet the bottom dropped out of his life: he lost his wealth, his health, and his ten kids.

Job’s story should put an end to the inaccurate notion that morally upright people don’t suffer. Job was a man of integrity, yet he suffered greatly. And if Job was vulnerable, then surely we are. None of us have any guarantee that because we’ve committed our life to Christ, we have immunity from hardships. Yes, there will be seasons of blessing, but your relationship with God does not…

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