A beautiful, enchanting children’s book about “the good thief”

On God's Payroll

In some ways, Raymond Arroyo’s book The Thief Who Stole Heaven, rooted in Scripture and early Christian traditions, presents the gift of a legend that works almost like a fairy tale.

March 20, 2021Anne HendershottThe Dispatch1Print

Detail from the cover of Raymond Arroyo’s “The Thief Who Stole Heaven” (Sophia Institute Press), illustrated by Randy Gallegos. (www.sophiainstitute.com)

Creating a children’s book about forgiveness and redemption is not an easy task. And illustrating a children’s picture book with images of the crucifixion and the promise of eternal salvation is even harder. But bestselling author and broadcaster Raymond Arroyo, along with illustrator Randy Gallegos, demonstrates he up to the task with the delightfulThe Thief Who Stole Heaven: A Legend.

The beautifully illustrated book tells the story of the “good thief” who was crucified next to Jesus on Calvary. In the Gospel of Luke, we are told that this…

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