Slick ‘C’ and ‘K’

Politically Poetic

Learning English comes with fun, 
Just stay with me, lets try this run. 
The letters ‘C’ and ‘K’ two peas in a pod
Just like worms in the sod.

The letter ‘K’ is perfectly hidden. 
Its present, but its silent and free
The ‘C’ is useless when its next to ‘K’  
Like dead brunch on a tree. 

Don’t let ‘C’ tick you off
As ‘C’ steals identity of ‘K’ to sound tough. 
The word republican has a stolen ‘K’ sound,
With busted knee the ‘K’ must stick around.

They show their knuckles when not provoked.
And hide away when wisdom pokes.
Just like hyenas softly chuckle
Convinced that they are smart, but they are fickle. 

They stick in pairs like a tight knot
Protect each other so they don’t get caught. 
They flock to misinformation like knick-knacks. 
Choke on maga and qanon wack.  



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