Deborah and Jael / Jesus Heals: May 6th 2021

Jon Cannon: Christian Evangelist

Judges 4:1-5:31

Ehud, the judge, died, and so the Israelites once again slipped back into evil ways. In punishment, God handed them over to a king of Canaan, Jabin. Sisera was the general of Jabin’s formidable army. The Israelites were cruelly oppressed for twenty years because the Canaanites employed sophisticated military technology. They had nine hundred iron chariots (v.3).

Deborah, a prophetess, was leading Israel at this time. Deborah was the first significant female leader in the Bible. Prior to her, Moses’ sister Miriam had assisted Moses and his brother, Aaron, lead the nation. However, Deborah is not only leading the whole of Israel, she had also been given one of the major gifts of the Holy Spirit, prophecy, to enable her to do this well.

Deborah told an army commander, Barak, to take ten thousand men to fight their enemy Jabin’s army at the Kishon river. Barak only agreed…

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