Discussion Post: Why I Don’t Read Self-Help Books

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Hey pals!! Today I am bringing you a post about why I don’t find myself reading self-help books and why I think my reason, if not right or popular, at least makes some sense.

Not me realizing its high time I post something meaningful instead of full stops for blog names and commas for comments 🙂

Note: I don’t mean to insult anyone’s opinions. I am just sharing my own opinions. Also, this is a discussion posts so feel free to share your views in the comments.

Firstly, they sound hella boring. They feel like a long, tiring lecture that hardly helps. Everything just crowds inside of my brain and nothing makes much sense at all. It’s like getting a thousand pieces of advices all at once. I know there are some wonderful books out there, I might even read them some day. And though I know a few…

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